Top 3 Thursday- Fictional Characters I’d Be Roommates With

I’m once again joining in on Top 3 Thursday – as hosted by the lovely Mel over at A Cosy Reading Blog Feel free to join in! The more the merrier!

Now this list. Could be interesting. Because of course I’d love Rhysand as a roommate. But legitimately, here’s my best shot!

1. Dorian from Throne of Glass This probably just flies in the face of everything I just wrote! But seriously. He’s gorgeous – never hurts to have in a roommate. He also loves books. Can you imagine talking books with him? Those discussions would get ridiculously angry I bet! I’m just assuming we have very different styles of books we enjoy! Plus, he’d bring me chocolate cake, and he’s friends with Chaol 😍 who is super fit and would encourage Dorian and I to go work out!

2. Cath from Fangirl Cath is me. I am Cath. So I honestly believe our roommate relationship would be terrible but wonderful. I can just imagine both is being too scared to eat in the lunchroom, but finally talking each other into it. She could write her fanfiction, I could write the book I’m working on. We’d nerd out together over anything and everything and it would just be a truly wonderful friendship.

3. Alianne from Trickster’s Choice I love Alianne. She has the right amount of ‘follow the rules/forget the rules’ attitude to make her super fun! We would get into so much trouble – but not real trouble. Just fun trouble! I’d help her with her spy work and we’d be like Sherlock and Watson! I can imagine our room being wallpapered with notes and lines of string – with the occasional boy band poster and stack of books interfering. Plus – her parents are famous and can get us all the connections 😉

So there’s my top 3 roommates!! Tell me yours! Join in with the Thursday meme!

Happy readings my friends!


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