Okay. So after my last post about Illuminae, you HAD to know this one was coming. Gemina is Book two in the Illuminae Files series. I’d heard so many good thing about Gemina so was a little nervous to start it! But it did not disappoint!

So to set the stage a little, the story of Gemina is set in the same storyverse as Illuminae, but instead of dealing with Kady and Ezra, this story focuses on Nik and Hanna on Jump Station Heimdall. (Slight geek out – I laughed so much when I first read that Heimdall was the name of the jump station that could transport you through space 😂) Anyway – continuing! Gemina is laid out in the same way Illuminae is – through voiceovers, IM chats, emails and especially drawings in this one – Hanna is an artist! So again, there is a uniqueness to the book that sets it apart from Illuminae.

Nik and Hanna are beautiful characters. They both seem very real while reading it. I know girls just like Hanna. And I can imagine guys just like Nik. Their struggles, as they go through heartbreak, sorrow, betrayal and danger are so real! I identified with Hanna quite a lot – her dedication to her family and her sense of justice! And we can’t forget that our glorious AIDAN is back. Saving the universe one destruction at a time… He really is a fantastic character. Although he still terrifies me.

Jay and Amie have again done a wonderful job of creating this story. It’s different enough to make it interesting, but still keeps the reader super involved in the underlying story. There are so many things I need to know – and am scared to find out – in the next book. While I loved Gemina, I think deep down I preferred Illuminae. However, this doesn’t stop me from giving Gemina a very enthusiastic ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ out of five stars.

You can get your own here and visit my last post to grab Illuminae! Let me know what you think of the series! I need people to talk to about it!

Happy readings


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