I am writing this literally as I have just put the book down from finishing it. I am 100% shook. I am dead and destroyed in basically every possible way. Jay and Amie have taken all the beautiful characters and terrifying situations from Illuminae and Gemina and concluded them brilliantly in Obsidio.

We join the troops, this time with Asha and the gorgeous Rhys (is it the name?!) in tow as well. And our ever favourite psycho AI. This book somehow felt more relatable than the previous two. A lot of it was planet-based, and dealt a lot with families/civilians/war time morals. And sometimes it was really hard to read. Because it was so real. Any scene that involved the cleverest mouse was always going to make me cry. I loved seeing different people in the group step into paternal and maternal roles. The sense of family that the group has is so beautiful to read.

I think the only thing that I can think was missing was more interaction between Asha and Rhys. In both previous books, we had a lot of one on one interaction between Kady and Ezra and Nik and Hanna, but in this book, because we had so many perspectives to keep tabs on, I felt like we might’ve missed out on a bit of interaction with those two.

I love love LOVE the way these books are written. I can’t praise them enough. I know I’ve said it previously, but they are just so unique! I love that I know exactly when AIDAN is talking, purely based on the page colour. And I actually find it hilarious that all the profanity is bleeped out. Especially when there’s whole conversations of blacked out words. It’s amazing what the brain supplies!

In short, Obsidio is the perfect ending to the Illuminae Files. I laughed out loud, I sobbed into my pillow, I was shocked and horrified. It had everything I needed in a final segment. I suggest you get yourself a copy. Even if you haven’t read Illuminae or Gemina. I bought Obsidio before either of those (I was at the book launch, okay… I needed to get it so I could get it signed!) and buying that book was one of the best decisions I could have made. Go. Get it. Because it gets a solid ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ out of 5 from me!

Happy readings lovesX

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