I actually read Roar a while ago, but I’m now only getting to the review *insert sad face* but I can tell you that I loved this book and I have already lent my copy to people to borrow because I love it that much!

Our story centers on Aurora, the princess of Pavan who is supposed to have the Stormling power. But she secretly doesn’t. So she is being married off to a very strong Stormling Prince for the benefit of the Kingdom. But this Prince Cassius is equal parts handsome and scary (as a good Prince should be). Aurora then happens to meet a charming and dashing rogue who she thinks is a Stormling, because he has the Stormling power. But he’s a storm hunter and he stole the power from the storms! And he belongs to a troupe of storm hunters! So Aurora decides to join them on their quest.

Now, I loved Aurora’s character development. She was relatively weak to start with. Kind of a bit annoying. Definitely your typical YA heroine style girl. But she developed so well and it was very interesting to watch her character become stronger. She became much more than just the poor little princess she was at the beginning.

Cassius. I’m on the fence about him. Like I said, he’s handsome and scary. In equal measures! So do you trust the handsome side or the scary side? I think he is probably the character with the most layers and the most depth and I am super keen to find out what happens to him in the next book!

Locke – our resident charmer. Now I was completely in love with him. From the first time we met him. For the most part, he fills the ‘hero’ characters, but he fills it well! He has his demons that make him the way he is, and I really enjoyed his interactions with the group of storm hunters. They’re like a little family and I really enjoyed that aspect.

The world building was absolutely gorgeous. The magic being in this kingdom made sense – it was a storm magic for a kingdom ruled by violent storms. I liked the different types of storms that they had though – no just your typical thunder and lightning. It was great to see some of the storms in action through the book, and how they were able to get through them. I also enjoyed the concept of ‘stormhearts’ and how they influenced the story.

I was devastated when the last page turned. I needed to know more! There was a cliffhanger. But not a nasty, unfinished story cliffhanger. This story was pretty well completed, but I still desperately need more! Luckily, the next book is out this month so not too much longer to wait! In the mean time, please go get your hands on your own copy. This book was recommended to me, and everyone I’ve recommended it to has loved it! So I definitely think you should give it a go. It’s a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ star read for me!

Have you read it? What are your thoughts?!

Happy readingsX

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