Top 3 Thursday

Top 3 Thursday – Reading Spots

Hello my loves! It’s Thursday – AGAIN! I love Thursday’s though. One more day til the weekend and on the downhill stretch! And it’s time for Top 3 Thursday! The theme for this week is Reading Spots. And I’m taking this as the top three places I like to read my books!

1. Bed – I’m a massive bed-reader! As a kid, I needed the hallway light on ‘because I was afraid of the dark’ but it was really so I could sneak extra reading in after my light was supposed to be out! (This also probably contributes to why I wear glasses…)

2. The beach – if I don’t have a book or my kindle with me at the beach, I actually have no idea what to do with myself. I mean I know there’s sand, and water and walks and stuff to do… but I’d rather lay on my towel and read my book!

3. The train – this one took me by surprise as well! Because I used to love over an hour away from my work, I had a very long commute. So I would just get super involved in my book! Some of the best reading I’ve done has been while on a train!

Where are the best places you’ve read? Feel free to join in Top 3 Thursday! You can see the list of upcoming themes over at A Cosy Reading Blog – and give Mel a follow while you’re there! She’s almost at 100 followers!

Happy readings loves!

B x

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