Let the games begin! No, really. I’m still having the hardest time trying to figure out if I liked Caraval or Legendary more. I read Caraval earlier this year and just adored everything about it. I loved the romance, and the twists and I honestly couldn’t pick anything! And I loved Scarlett. So knowing that this book was going to be about Tella made me nervous – ‘why change something that worked so well in the last one??‘ Combined with hearing reviews saying ‘It’s better than Caraval!’, let’s just say I was wary going into it.

But did I love it? Yes I did! As I mentioned, we follow Tella in this book. While Scarlett and Julian make appearances, we’re much more involved in Tella’s story and her quest to find her mother. We find out more about Tella herself, how she sees Scarlett and their relationship as sisters, and more about their mother! And isn’t their mother an intriguing character!

As the story takes place during another Caraval carnival, there’s obviously more magic and games and clues and … more Legend. Judging from the name of the book, you could probably guess there would be more Legend. I told myself in Caraval to stop trying to guess who Legend was – and I tried again in this one, but my brain just wouldn’t stop! The whole time, I was wondering who it was. Suffice to say, I am incredibly excited for the next book to learn even more about Legend!

Both Caraval and Legendary have been relatively fast reads for me. I find having them mapped out in the days of Caraval really helps to move the story – because you’re always only dealing with one night! I enjoyed the pacing of Legendary and actually wanted more – pleeeease give us more!

I loved Legendary. And while I love the idea of Caraval, I would very much never like to play. Or if I had to be involved, I’d want to be one of Legend’s performers. Because while the magic is amazing – it’s also terrifying. Legend walks a very fine line between genius magician and psychotic killer. But what I wouldn’t give to have one of the sisters’ magic dresses 😍

Legendary gets a solid ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ and if you like mystery, romance, intrigue and deception, I highly recommend you check this series out!! Get your copy here!

Let me know your thoughts! Which book did you prefer?

Happy readings!

B x

5 thoughts on “Legendary

  1. I was blown away by Legendary! I really wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about Tella, but I adored her. I’m so excited to read Finale!

    Thanks for a great review. 🙂


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