Top 3 Thursday

Top 3 Thursday – Reasons I Love Reading

Welcome back to Thursday here on my blog! And that means it’s Top 3 Thursday! Go check out the whole range of Top 3 Thursday’s Mel has been organizing over at A Cosy Reading Blog!

But this week is Reasons I Love Reading. There are WAY more than three! But I’ll pick my fave three 😊

1. Escapism

I read to escape real life. I would love to life in a world where magic, elves, hobbits, Vikings, knights and ladies all exist. So I read to travel to those worlds. I love knowing that I can open a book and be instantly transported to a space ship, or a battle, or a class on controlling my powers.

2. I look smart

I have this weird need to be the best. So I read so that I can learn. I can’t tell you the amount of words I’ve learned from reading! So I know this is probably a stupid answer, but I read because I like looking like I know things.

3. Friends

I like both recommending books to friends, and making friends through reading. Honestly, I don’t think I get as much satisfaction from anything as I do from recommending a book to someone and then loving it and then having fangirl discussions. It’s the best feeling ever!! 😍 and of course, through reading, I found bookstagram. And I love that community!

So there we have my Top 3 Reasons I Love Reading!! What are yours? Feel free to join in the fun – or just shoot me a comment!

Happy readings!

B x

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