Top 3 Thursday

Top 3 Thursday – Genres

Hello friends! This blog is coming to you from Denmark – where I’m currently sitting on a coach full of people of vacation! 💕 Remember, go visit Mel over at A Cosy Reading Blog to join in on Top 3 Thursday! Plus she’s a babe, so give her a follow!

But today’s Top 3 Thursday is genres! This one is possibly a tiny bit too easy for me – but I haven’t actually thought about it yet, so who knows – it might end up being super hard!

1. YA Fantasy

This is my lifeblood. YA fantasy is everything I want and need in books. I read to escape and my favourite place to escape is in a fantasy world! And I love YA because I’m a sucker for those terrible YA romance tropes 😝

2. Fantasy

Does this count? I can separate YA Fantasy and normal Fantasy right? 😂 Too bad, I did it. Same as above – I love fantasy worlds. But I do find that I have to be way more invested in a story for general fantasy rather than YA fantasy…

3. YA Historical Fiction

Lets say that the YA reason is the same as above. I love historical fiction, but I like it in easy to read and absorb YA versions. If I wanted a full historical fiction, I’d probably just go read a history book 😝

So there we have my Top 3 for this week! What are your fave genres? Hit me up in the comments below!

Happy readings loves!

-B x

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