Top 3 Thursday

Top 3 Thursday – Standalones I Wish Were A Series

Happy Top 3 Thursday friends! Today’s topic is standalone books that I Wish Were a series. And okay – this was hard! I’ve realized I don’t read that many standalone books! So this is basically the only standalone books I’ve recently read!!

1. Sky in the Deep

Vikings. Can I say more? Workings are awesome and I loved the relationships that were formed in this book. I would be quite happy to read more books set in this world and find out what happened to those characters!

2. To Kill A Kingdom

The Little Mermaid retellings are always good! But I found this one super intriguing! And I loved Elian and Lira were great as a couple and I would’ve liked to see more adventures! I think this could’ve been another Daughter of a Pirate King -esque Series!

3. Fangirl

I know that Carry On is kind of in the same series as this, but still not quite okay?! I LOVED Cath and Levi and would’ve been quite happy to enjoy more stories about their relationship and getting through uni and everything!

So there we have mine! What about you?? What standalone books do you wish were series? Also, go check out Mel’s blog for the upcoming Top 3 Thursday’s!

Happy readings!

– B x

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