Top 3 Thursday

Top 3 Thursday- Books I Didn’t Finish

Happy Thursday loves! And again it’s time for Top 3 Thursday! Make sure to go check out Mel’s original post to see what the upcoming themes are! And just go give her a follow because she’s wonderful!

But today’s theme – books I didn’t finish. I don’t actually ‘not finish’ a lot of books. But I do put books down and come back to them months later. So some of my inclusions today I have the complete intent of finishing… just later!

1. The Survival Game – Nicky Singer

This was an actual DNF (did not finish) for me. You can read my actual review of it, but in short – I loved the concept, but the way it was written was so hard to read that I put it down.

2. War Storm – Victoria Aveyard

This surprised even me. I loved the previous books in this series, and bought this one as soon as it was available! But I think I’m still only maybe 20% through it? I really want to finish it, but other books just keep coming first! 🤷🏻‍♀️

3. Blood and Sand – C.V. Wyk

This book sounded amazing – ‘what if Spartacus was a young woman?’ And I do want to finish it! My bookmark is even still in there! But again – other books came first and I’ve just never made my way back to it… yet!

I feel like so many books end up in this ‘I’ll get back to it later’ pile. Do you have this?! What books are on yours? Lemme know!

Happy readings loves

– B x

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