Empire of Storms – Sarah J Maas

To start – this is book five in the Throne of Glass series. So there will most likely be spoilers in this review for those who haven’t read the rest of the series! You’ve been warned. This is probably the Throne of Glass book I’ve read the most – because it’s the one I needed to read before Tower of Dawn, and now again before Kingdom of Ash. But each and every time I read this book I am once again captivated by Aelin and her friends journey and what happens to each of them.

It’s written from the perspective of different characters, each chapter. So you’re not stuck in just the insufferable personality of Aelin the whole time (said with all love and care for Aelin. I really do love her!) But it means we get to experience other people! And I love some of those people. I would be devastated if we didn’t get experiences from Manon, Elide or Lysandra. And the opinions of Rowan, Dorian and Aedion add so much to the story! I think having the multiple narrators works incredibly well, especially because the main players aren’t together for part of the book.

The characters themselves are just wonderful. And terrible (I’m looking at you, Maeve). But she is wonderful in her terribleness! All the characters evoke so much emotion and I’m moved by the struggles each one of them face. While I haven’t, obviously, been in their positions, I can relate enough to the struggles within themselves. And I think that’s what makes them so good. They are such magnificent characters because we can feel for each of them. Dorian breaks my heart every single time. And Elide’s courage, strength and determination are worthy of trying to replicate. In short, the characters are just fantastic and everyone will find at least one they relate to.

Obviously this is book five in the Throne of Glass series. So do not read this book first! Pleeeeease start at the beginning because you will not believe where these characters end up. It’s been an absolute pleasure and torture to have to wait for Kingdom of Ash, but if you haven’t yet read the rest of the series, now is the perfect time to, because all of them will be out! So get on it. I can’t recommend this series highly enough and am both excited… and terrified… of what’s coming in the ending.

It’s always a solid ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ out of 5 stars for me. And if you want your own copy, you can get one here.

What are your thoughts on this series? Have you read it? Heard about it? Not want to read it? Lemme know!

Happy readings loves!

– B x

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