Top 3 Thursday

Top 3 Thursday – Favourite Words

Welcome back to Top 3 Thursday – again! Honestly, the weeks are getting shorter. Especially the weekends. Anyway! Today’s Top 3 Thursday theme is Favourite Words. Aaaaand to be honest… I’m struggling. I know there’s plenty of words I’ve said are my favourite, but it’s usually in jest! My favourite words for real? I’ve had to think long and hard about it!

1. Home

Probably a super simplistic answer. But I love what this word means. It’s not necessarily a house. Home can be the people you’re with, a feeling in your heart. And it always makes me feel warm 💕

2. Petrichor

My inner Whovian is showing! But also I love that someone came up with a word for the smell after rain! It’s such a perfect word!

3. Jólabókaflóðið

This is the release of books just before Christmas in Iceland. Books are a historically traditional Christmas gift in Iceland, so the buying and gifting of books on Christmas Eve is then followed by settling down to read said book that night, with a mug of hot chocolate. And that is perfection.

I’m not sure if my words are totally weird or kinda fun or just bizarre. But I like them. So for now – they’re my favourite words!

What words do you particularly like?? There’s some great words out there!!

Happy readings

– B x

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