Top 3 Thursday

Top 3 Thursday – Least Favourite Tropes

Welcome back to Top 3 Thursday friends! Now remember to go check out Mel’s original list over at A Cosy Reading Blog! Today’s topic is least favourite tropes! Now I’m usually a sucker for pretty much every trope most people hate. So some of these might be a little bizarre!

1. Super attractive but thinks she’s plain MC

Like come on. You’re a fricking babe. Stop acting like you’re so plain. We know you’re a babe. The guys know you’re a babe. Get over it. Have some gumption.

2. Insta-love

This is a borderline one. Because sometimes I’m down for it. But after a few too many butterflies in stomachs and gazing dreamy looks, even I start to feel sick!

3. Lack of Communication

There are SOOOO many times when issues could be fixed if the main characters JUSY SPOKE! Like stop saying cryptic crap and just talk to each other!

So what tropes do you dislike?? Or, what are some tropes you do like??

Happy readings my loves!

– B x

One thought on “Top 3 Thursday – Least Favourite Tropes

  1. Haha yes to all of those!!! Great answers!!
    The first one is definitely one of my most disliked tropes lol. It’s frustrating because they aren’t just pretty, they’re always like ‘guys falling over them, other worldly, stunning’ lol. As if you aren’t going to notice that!!

    Love triangles is another one I generally dislike. Sometimes it’s okay, if it works in well with the story.


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