Top 3 Thursday

Top 3 Thursday – Fictional Relationships

Happy Valentine’s Day friends! And to match Valentine’s, Mel has chosen to make today’s Top 3 Thursday our favourite fictional relationships – and specified this could be romantic or other wise! Because there’s some damn goof friendships and bromances out there!

  1. Dorian and Chaol from Throne of Glass

This could basically be just Dorian and everyone. I dont know what it is about Dorian, but he’s just awesome. His relation ship with Aelin – fantastic. His relationship with Chaol – goals. His relationship with Manon – extra goals. But I love the brotherhood between Dorian and Chaol – they are just too cute and pure for the world!

2. The Dregs from Six of Crows

Uhm, what a ragtag crew of oddities, right? But they work! They get along, they support, they fight, and fight for. They are the crew you would want to have at your back. And not even just want – you would KNOW that they would be at your back. No mourners…

3. The Thirteen from Throne of Glass

I think I’m probably breaking the rules having these groups instead of just two people friendships – whoops! My blog post, my decision haha. But the Thirteen are actual friend goals. These women support each other through everything. Even if they disagree – they’re still there! Asterin especially is such a queen, and the relationship she has with Manon is stunningly beautiful.

So there are my #goal relationships for this Valentine’s Day! Which friendships and relationships are your fave ones? Join in Top 3 Thursday and let us know! Check out A Cosy Reading Blog for upcoming topics 🙂


Happy readings loves

– B x

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