Top 3 Thursday

Top 3 Thursday – Books that shouldn’t have been adapted to screen

Hello friends!

Today’s Top 3 Thursday is focusing on books that shouldn’t have been adapted to screen. This one is debatable, because of the ‘why’ it shouldn’t have been adapted. But we’ll see how I go!

  1. Divergent – Veronica Roth

Overall, I don’t think this series should’ve been made into a movie. Especially because there were changes made the whole way through, and we didn’t even finish the series. (Although, could any of us have handled the ending of the last book on screen? Probably not!)

2. Twilight – Stephenie Meyer

My feelings on this one are mixed. I still think they ultimately should’ve been made into movies… but can we please have a different cast?! Like I’m happy to keep Charlie Swan, but ready for a redo on the rest of them. kthxbai.

3. Eragon – Christopher Paolini

I loved the first book in this series. And the second book! So was ecstatic when they were making a movie. But what even was that movie? I can’t tell you anything about it – except that it had Garrett Hedlund with terrible hair. These books held so much promise and the movies wasted that.

I apparently have some strong feelings about books being made into movies/tv shows! Please let me know I’m not alone here! What book to movie adaptations do you think we’d be better without?

Happy readings loves.

-B x

One thought on “Top 3 Thursday – Books that shouldn’t have been adapted to screen

  1. Eragon was so bad. I don’t remember much, but the way they showed Saphira’s growth will always stick in my head – instead of having the pair bonding as Eragon finds food for her and cares for her, they show a montage where Saphira basically SNEEZES and she’s suddenly bigger? oh okay, why even bother with character development or anything of depth!

    and Vampire Academy was my biggest disappointment, even worse because the lead actress is actually very talented, but the script was a joke


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