Review: House of Salt and Sorrows by Erin A Craig

Was this a cover buy? It may have been a cover buy. But it was an audiobook cover buy! I really didn’t read anything about this book before downloading it, so has no idea what I was getting myself into. What a roller coaster of emotions!

Annaleigh lives at Highmoor, a giant manor house by the sea with her sisters. There were once 12 of them, but now four of their lives have ended. Each death is more tragic and violent than the last, so much that there are whispers that the family is cursed. Which doesn’t bode well for suitors!

Annaleigh starts to suspect that her sisters deaths aren’t accidental. Could there be a Curse? But when her sisters all start sneaking out at night to go dancing at fantastic balls, Annaleigh doesn’t know if she should join them or stop them. She needs to try and find the secret to the balls and her sisters deaths before someone else is killed. It could even be her…

Whoa. I think I read that this book was a retelling of 12 Dancing Princesses and was sold. But I didn’t know I needed 12 Dancing Princesses set in a creepy world by the sea with death and darkness lurking down every hallway and behind every door! This book blew my mind. It was full of action and intense moments. I was hooked within the first few chapters. So much that while I was listening on the bus, I wasn’t checking my phone at the same time. I was completely involved in the story and needed to know what happened next!

Annaleigh was a great protagonist, as was her love interest Cassian. As they both tried to uncover the secrets of Highmoor I was impressed with how little the author gave away. I only clued to who or what was happening a few pages before it was revealed. But even if you do. Figure it out beforehand, it’s still amazing to go back and read again to pick up on all the things you missed!

If you enjoy a great mystery with elements of fantasy and spookiness then please read this! I’m not a huge spooky or horror fan, but I found this to be wildly enjoyable. It’s also a stand-alone as far as I’m aware, so you get your whole story in one! 👌🏻 this gets five stars from me. I really enjoyed this read!

Happy readings,

-B x

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