Review: The Shadows Between Us by Tricia Levenseller

I have to start by saying I adore Tricia Levenseller. I got Daughter of the Pirate King in a book box, and as soon as I read it I was hooked for life. I’ve loved every single book she has released. So it’s fair to say this one had a bit of pressure on it 😂

But yet it was perfect. Alessandra is always overlooked. The younger daughter, she is always second best. And has very limited marriage prospects. But she wants so much more. So her plan is

1. Woo the Shadow King

2. Marry him.

3. Kill him and steal his kingdom!

Simple right?

This was such a fun read. I think Tricia is a master of slow burn and giving JUST enough to make you want more! I loved the relationship between Alessandra and the Shadow King! I loved the intrigue and court turmoil that the story was filled with. And while I had started to piece together the final reveal, it was still a fantastic and amazing surprise.

Levenseller has written a duo, and two stand-alones and I think this is what I enjoy the most about her work. You get a full story. Do I want more from Alessandra? Of course I do! But do I need it to finish off the story? No. It’s a complete story and Levenseller excels at writing these.

It’s a quick read, but one that will stay with you and quickly become a favourite! I will be pushing this, alongside all of Levenseller’s work onto all my friends. Because who can say no to a cunning (totally slytherin) queen and a king wreathed in shadows?! This truly is the answers to all our fantasy romance needs! It gets ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ five glorious stars from me!

Happy reading friends!

-B x

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