Review: Marvel – Powers of a Girl

So I love Marvel movies. And I’m also a HUGE fan and advocate of strong female characters. So I was ecstatic to review this AMAZING coffee table book from Scholastic Australia.

This book is fantastic. 100% absolutely fantastic. There’s information on some of our fave female heroes from Marvel, including Peggy Carter, Captain Marvel, Okoye, Black Widow… plus so many more! And when I say there is information, I mean THERE IS INFORMATION! This book is for a Marvel enthusiast – or perfect to begin a library for a Marvel enthusiast!

And did I mention the artwork? 😍😍 the artwork is absolutely stunning! I love these Marvel women so much and seeing them in these pieces of art just made me love them more!

Like it mentions in the blurb, this book teaches us about the true meaning of being strong. And these women all prove that there are so many ways of being strong, brave and courageous.

This book is perfect for absolutely anyone, no matter their age or gender. If there is a slight interest in Marvel, this book will be perfect. This is by far an easy ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 star read for me!

Happy readings,

-B x

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