Review: Mulan’s Secret Plan

This is another book in the adorable Disney Princess Before the Story series. It’s a look at the Disney Princesses before their main story! Today’s story is about Mulan and her time at school!

Mulan has been super excited about going to school and learning new exciting things! She wants to do martial arts and learn to fight and be a strong woman! But when she gets to school she learns that she’s expected to just do classes on cooking rice and being a well behaved girl. But despite school not being what she expected, Mulan makes the best of her situation and makes friends and tries to help them all do what they really want: bringing honor to their families.

This is a cute little story that any Disney lover will love. It’s an adorable tale of friendship and can be used as a wonderful teaching book for young kids. You will love reading this story and again I can’t wait to read this with my niece when she’s a little older! ✨

Happy readings,

-B x

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