Review: Elsa’s Icy Rescue and Anna Finds A Friend

It’s no secret I am a Disney freak! I love everything about it so when I had the chance to review these two adorable stories I was so excited!

These books are for younger readers, and detail the lives of young Anna and Elsa in Arendelle – before the Frozen movies kick in! But just because they’re for young readers doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy them. It was great to see the expansion of the Frozen universe – one of my faves in the Disney canon!

In Elsa’s story, her powers and control are tested and pushed to the limits. Can she prove she has what it takes to be queen?You also get to see some more of the relationship between Anna and Elsa which is absolutely adorable! (This is pre the ‘magic incident’ and the beginning of Frozen). Reading their interactions is really sweet!

Anna’s story is set after the incident, so this book focuses on Anna trying to stop herself from getting too lonely when her parents go on a trip and Elsa is staying away from her. Anna invents a penpal for herself but then her penpal writes back!

Both these books are super cute, fun, easy reads. They’re perfect for bedtime story reads and will be loved by little girls everywhere. I can’t wait to gift mine to my niece when she gets a little older!

Huge thanks to Scholastic Australia for these wonderful reads!

Happy reading

-B x

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